Засіб для підтримки свіжості та чистоти вольєрів «Свіжість Dogs»

150 uah

Package 2500g

Засіб для підтримки свіжості та чистоти вольєрів «СвіжістьDogs» миттєво усуває неприємні запахи, запобігає розвитку хвороботворних бактерій та мікроорганізмів, ефективний у вольєрах, на газонах, штучному торфі, патіо, цементі, при цьому не токсичний, безпечний для собак, людей і довкілля.

Може застосовуватися для обробки місць окоту, осушування і знезараження сосків тварини під час годування.

Do you have doubts about the use of this product?

consult a veterinarian

Aviaries freshness and purity supporting agent.


  • immediately eliminates unpleasant odor, doesn’t mask it
  • prevents the development of disease bacteria and micro-organisms
  • effective in enclosures, lawns, artificial turf, patio, cement
  • not toxic, safe for dogs, humans and the environment
  • effectively absorbs moisture
  • has a long-lasting effect.

Characteristics and advantages:

Effective for use on all surfaces. The preparation is safe and will not harm even if the animal has swallowed some of it. Disinfection, sanitization and deodorization of the air in the places where animals are kept are going on due to evaporation of iodine. Quickly eliminates nasty odors of organic origin. «FreshnessDogs» has absorbent effect (absorbs moisture in application areas). The tool has repellent properties – it repels adult insects and destroys the larvae of flies.

It can be used for treatment the birth places, drying and decontamination of the nipples of animals during feeding.

Effective for the prevention of endocrine diseases (primary hypothyroidism), alopecia endocrine etiology, stillbirth, obesity. Contains optimally selected complex of trace elements: iodine, zinc, copper, iron, which prevent the development of pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms.

«FreshnessDogs» – is an eco-friendly product, free of toxic components that could harm your pet, even when administered directly in the presence of a pet.


Don’t use with other disinfectants, especially with caustic soda, lime and other alkaline solutions.

Expiration date:

2 years from the date of production.
Batch number matches the date of production.

Storage conditions:

Store in the original package at a temperature between +15 to +25 in a dry protected from a sunlight place.

Release forms:

1200 g, 2500 g


  • iodoform
  • calcium sulfate
  • zeolite

The product should be evenly distributed on the enclosure, cage and other surfaces where the animal is kept at a rate of 50 g/1 m2.

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