Deodorizer, odor eliminator, cleaning substance «FreshnessPets»

70 uah

Package 700g

Deodorizer, odor eliminator cleaning substance for places of keeping furry pets and rodents «FreshnessPets» prevents the development of bacteria and microorganisms, perfectly absorbs moisture, eliminates odor, increases the validity of filler, non-toxic and safe for animals, people and the environment.

Do you have doubts about the use of this product?

consult a veterinarian

Agent for maintaining the freshness and cleanness in the places of keeping furry pets and rodents


  • Prevents the development of disease bacteria and micro-organisms,
  • Effectively absorbs moisture,
  • Doesn’t mask, but absorbs nasty odor,
  • Has a long-lasting effect,
  • Extends the life of the toilet filler,
  • Suitable for any filler,
  • Not toxic. Safe for animals, humans and the environment,
  • Cost-effective

Characteristics and advantages:

Suitable for any filler. Contains optimally selected complex of microelements: zinc, copper, iron, which prevent the development of pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms. A specially selected aromatic composition will give your pet’s home a pleasant scent. Calcium sulphate promotes moisture absorption and long-lasting dryness in the cage. Essential oils in the agent significantly improve the indoor climate, and have a calming effect. Due to the bacteriostatic properties of essential oils «FreshnessPets» reduces the risk of infecting animals with pathogens. Copper sulfate prevents the appearance and growth of fungal colonies.

«FreshnessPets» actively absorbs moisture at application sites and nasty odors. It repels adult insects, including drosophila flies and destroys fly larvae. It has antiseptic properties. It doesn’t contain any skin irritants or substances harmful to the environment.

«FreshnessPets» – is an eco-friendly product, free of toxic components that could harm your pet, even when administered directly in the presence of a pet.

Expiration date:

2 years from the date of production. batch number matches the date of production.

Storage conditions:

Store in the original package at a temperature between +15 to +25 in a dry protected from a sunlight place.

Release forms:

700 g, 1200 g


  • copper sulfate
  • iron sulfate
  • kaolin
  • essential oils
  • calcium sulfate.

Before spreading the main litter (sawdust, granules, sand, hay, paper, etc.), evenly distribute the agent on the surface of the cage in the calculation at a rate of 5-10 g/100 cm2. You can also mix with filler or sprinkle on top as needed. Safe to use in the presence of animals/birds (in the event of odor, excessive moisture).