«Свіжість Home Aqua»

88 uah

Spray 150ml
Spray 500ml

Усуває неприємний запах в домі.


  • ефективно усуває неприємний запах органічного походження
  • можна використовувати на будь-яких поверхнях: килимах, м’яких меблях, переносках для тварин, підлозі та інших місцях де можуть перебувати тварини
  • безпечний для використання в присутності тварин та людей
  • нетоксичний
  • залишає приємний аромат


Eliminates unpleasant odor in the house.


  • effectively eliminates nasty odor of organic origin
  • it can be used on all surfaces – carpets, soft furniture, animal carriers, floor and other places where animals can be kept
  • safe when administered in the presence of animals and human
  • not toxic
  • leaves pleasant aroma

Storage conditions:

Store in the original package at a temperature between +15 to +25 in a dry protected from a sunlight place.

Release forms:

150 ml

3.3/5 (4 Reviews)



  • water (CAS 7732-18-5),
  • alcohol ethoxylates C9-C11 (CAS 68439-46-3),
  • lemon aroma,
  • ethanol 2,2 (cocoimino) – bis,
  • salt with phosphoric acid,
  • b (CAS 68649-38-7),
  • salt with phosphoric acid (2 ethylhexyl) ether (CAS 1070-03-7)
3.3/5 (4 Reviews)


For quick and long lasting effect pre-clean the place of administration from excess organic substances, spray the agent directly on the source of the odor (place of contamination, sleeping place, cage, tray). If the odor does not disappear after application of the spray, it means that the agent has not reached the source of contamination, so in that case the application should be repeated.

Characteristics and advantages:

The «FreshnessHomeAqua» spray does not mask, but completely eliminates unpleasant odors of organic origin in rooms where animals are kept. provides quick effect.

3.3/5 (4 Reviews)