Комплексний дезінфекційний засіб «Бактостоп»

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Spray 500ml
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Препарат має бактерицидну, фунгіцидну і віруцидну дію. Використовується для ручної мийки, дезінфекції і санації транспорту/ приміщень, де перебувають тварини. Зберігає свою активність при інтенсивному освітленні, використанні жорсткої води. Безпечний при знезараженні органічних відходів (залишки корму, виділення та ін.)

Препарат можна застосовувати в присутності тварин. Не потребує змивання.


The preparation has bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal action. It is used for hand and machine washing, disinfection and sanitation of transport/rooms where animals are kept. It retains its activity under intense light, with the use of hard water. Safe in disinfecting organic waste (feed residues, secretion and so on).

Store in a dry, dark, ventilated room at 0°c to +30°С.

Expiration date:

3 years.

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  • diendomethylene tetraazacyclodecane sodium hydrophosphate 6 g,
  • excipients
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  • Bactostop is used for disinfection in the places of keeping pets, including kennels, houses, flats, veterinary clinics rooms and their equipment (except surgical instruments).
  • The preparation is used for processing of animal paws, cages, toilets, toys, feeding and care capacities for animals. Subjects relevant to the mucous membranes of animals should be rinsed with water 20 minutes after administration of the preparation.
  • The disinfection of the surface is processed by its pre-cleaning from excess organic and non-organic substances, by the method of uniform spraying of the substance to its full moistening.
  • For effective action, bactostop should be administered once a week directly in the presence of animals.

The preparation can be used in the presence of animals.

No flushing required.

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  • Do not use with detergents and acidic solutions.
  • In case of contact with the product on the mucous membrane of the eye, mouth, or skin, rinse the affected area with 2% solution of baking soda and plenty of water.
  • It is forbidden to smoke, drink, eat while working with the preparation.
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