Корисна вода для собак «Аква Dogs»

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«Аква Dogs» – досконалий питний режим для активних і невгамовних, чиста вода збагачена необхідними вітамінами, мінералами, мікроелементами в оптимальних для тварин дозах та відповідною кислотністю – запорука здоров’я маленьких друзів. Наша вода виготовлена з продуктів преміум класу з додаванням всіх самих необхідних мікро і макро елементів для правильного розвитку ваших улюбленців.


Useful water for the healthy development of your dog

Water is the main environment in which life processes and metabolism take place. This is the most important component of the body of animals. The total amount of which in the body of the animal is from 50% to 85% of the live weight.

Combining the latest scientific advances in veterinary medicine and the tremendous experience of leading professionals, WestVet company has created a unique product – «AquaDogs» water.

It is well-known that a healthy lifestyle of a dog involves physical activity – active walks, games, training and hunting for certain breeds. However, it should not be forgotten that during active physical activity it is necessary to carefully monitor the adequate drinking regime of a pet. In addition, in the context of such “fitness” our tails need to maintain the optimal level of vitamins and minerals, which are necessary to maintain the immunity and proper functioning of the internal organs. «AquaDogs» – perfect drinking regime for the active and agile.

why WestVet water is the perfect choice for your pet:

  • promotes the restoration and preservation of the optimum water-electrolyte balance of the body
  • improves the quality of skin and fur
  • improves digestion and absorption of food
  • accelerates wound healing in the rehabilitation period after injuries and surgeries
  • reduces the risk of dystrophy and urolithiasis
  • improves metabolism
  • perfect aid in the treatment of infectious diseases
  • promotes cleansing of the body from slags and toxins
  • improves nervous system function
  • increases the body’s resistance to negative external factors
  • perfectly tones and helps to strengthen the immune system.

That is why pure water enriched with essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements in animal-friendly doses and appropriate acidity – is the key to the health of little friends.

Our water is made of premium products with all the necessary micro and macro elements for the proper development of your pets.

3.7/5 (14 Reviews)



Artesian water of the highest category,
succinic acid (0.001g/100ml),
silver nanoparticles (0.25mg/100ml)
pН 5.8 – 6.2
Calcium 5-15,
Magnesium 2-10,
Sulfates 15-20,
Chlorides 35-40

3.7/5 (14 Reviews)


Water complex is ready for use product and recommended for animals as daily drinking diet. It is advisable to perform cycles of 2 weeks of continuous administration with 2 weeks pauses for preventive, strengthening and curative care. The product is developed within conditions of diet and housing of animals at home.

3.7/5 (14 Reviews)


Means for the acidification of urine should be used with caution during the use of drinking complex “AquaDogs”. The existence of sludge is allowed.

3.7/5 (14 Reviews)